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To cure the incurable disease

It is an NFT charity project to donate to drug discovery research for AIM(apoptosis inhibitor of macrophage), which is expected to extend the life of cats.

To realize “The Day Cats Live to Be Thirty.”

Cats have an outstandingly high frequency of kidney disease compared to other animals, and many cats die of kidney disease. However, the cause of the disease has long been unknown, and there has been no reliable treatment.

Dr. Toru Miyazaki, author of “The Day Cats Live to be 30” (at the time of publication: Professor at the University of Tokyo), elucidated that the blood protein AIM (apoptosis inhibitor of macrophages) has a function in curing acute kidney failure.

Prescribing this AIM to cats could prevent kidney disease and significantly extend the life span of cats. As a result, it is believed that cats could live to be 30 years old, twice the current average life expectancy of 15 years.

Dr. Toru Miyazaki established “The Institute for AIM Medicine(IAM)” in January 2022 to develop AIM drugs for cats. We have launched the NFT Charity Project to support Dr. Toru Miyazaki’s activities.


Manga artist Kenjiro Hata, who endorsed our project, has drawn a one-of-a-kind NFT artwork for this charity. In addition, the domestic NFT project will donate the sales (all or part) of cat-themed works to this charity.

You can participate in this charity simply by purchasing an NFT. In addition, purchased NFTs can be used as PFP for Twitter and other social media.

The sales and donations will donate to the “The Institute for AIM Medicine(IAM)” to help cat lovers realize a future in which they can spend more time with their cats.

We hope to cure incurable diseases and help cats live to be 30 years old.

We look forward to your participation.


We will be selling one-of-a-kinds NFT artworks (4 different types) created for this charity.

The auction period is 48 hours from Thursday, June 2 at 8 pm to Saturday, June 4 at 8 pm JST.


Kenjiro Hata

Manga artist. “Tonikaku Kawaii” is serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday. Other notable works include “Hayate no Gotoku!” and others. He is an unparalleled cat lover.


Sold out





Sponsored by JIJI Press Publication Service, inc. Our company supports the activities of The Institute for AIM Medicine(IAM) and Dr. Miyazaki through our involvement in releasing the book “The Day Cats Live to Be Thirty.”

Who is the organizer of this charity?

Bucket, Inc., an affiliated partner of JIJI Press Publication Service, inc., is the distributor. Please click here for a description of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.

Who is the distributor of this charity NFTs?

This charity project does not support donations by key currencies. Donations can be made through the website of The Institute for AIM Medicine(IAM), but in this case, NFTs will not be distributed.

Can I donate by key currencies?

We are sorry, but we do not support handling cryptocurrency or using OpenSea, an NFT marketplace. Please use it at your own risk.

I don't know how to handle cryptocurrency.


The highest bidder of the four pieces will collectively receive an original color PFP icon NFT set (Ethereum).

This NFT is a cute icon of an auction piece for use as a social networking PFP. 

There will be a total of 8 types, each limited to 100 pieces, for a fixed price of 0.01 ETH.

Sales period: Wed, May 25 - Thu, June 30




Projects to participate in this charity

CryptoNinja is a character brand that everyone can participate in and grow. All proceeds from the sale of the new NFT (excluding commissions) will be donated to this charity. The official community NinjaDAO has also provided administrative support, including this website.

The auction period for the new NFT is 48 hours from Wednesday, June 1 at 20:00 to Friday, June 3 at 20:00.

In addition, as a collaboration benefit, all owners of CryptoNinja's generative NFT CryptoNinja Partners who purchase NFTs by Kenjiro Hata will receive a Ninja NFT drawn by Mr. Hata.

Please apply using the dedicated form after purchasing the NFT.

Coming soon

Projects to participate in this charity

Japanese NFT projects that will be participating in this charity.

If a piece here is sold from May 25 to June 30 , a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the charity.

NFT Marketing Orchestra

NFT Marketing Orchestra

@ kon39000

ART by Mai

Mai Kano


Sugar Water Cat

Sugar Water Cat

@ SugarWaterCat24

Cat Hommage


nekoko.d@NFT Artist


Cat Hats Collection


Cat hats


View on OpenSea



Amane May


The Animal Agent




Cat Trailer House




Hello, World!!


YO-CO / yo-co.eth



(Sales are scheduled for May 27 to 29)

Cityboy & CityGirl


The charity has ended.

Thank you for your cooperation

Inquiries about this charity

JIJI Press Publication Service, inc.

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